Katja Mayr

Scope of Services


Before actually planning and implementing training or coaching measures, it is vital to discuss all aspects of the project in a personal strategy meeting. Based on the results of this meeting, I can offer all seminars and workshops customized to your requirements as in-house courses.


  • Seminars and workshops for managers
    • Situational leading of employees and teams
    • Everybody is different: Assessing employee personalities with the DISG personality profile
    • Preparing and conducting employee appraisals
    • Constructive feedback and criticism
    • Discussions with difficult employees
  • Seminars and workshops for team diagnosis and development
    • Improving team collaboration
    • Phases in teams
    • Roles in teams
    • Resolving team conflicts
  • Communication – Basics and difficult situations
    • Mastering targeted and stressless communication
    • Service- and customer-oriented communication by phone and by e-mail
    • Understanding yourself and others more deeply
    • Handling difficult interlocutors
  • Conflict management
    • Resolving conflicts and applying de-escalation methods
  • Time and self-management
  • Stress management and work-life balance
  • Preventing burnouts
  • Methodical skills
    •  Effectively leading meetings
    • Targeted moderation
    • Preparing and holding targeted presentations



  • Self-competence
    • Developing personality and potential
    • Increasing perception and self-reflexion
    • Managing yourself
    • Developing personal implementation strategies



  • Moderating groups and work meetings
  • Moderating events